That…looks like a human penis

Explanation of title later on in the post.

I’M BACK! (Insert interesting teaser to get Facebook people to read this…)

I did a lot of Methods this week, and while I still have a little more to do, as well as a substantial amount of Chinese, I feel like I’ve pretty much accomplished it all rather well.

The holidays are coming up, much to my relief. Not only because it’s the holidays, it’s actually because MY BIRTHDAY! MY 18TH! Did I blog about my 17th? Well at some point I wrote about it because there was a blog where I talked about the birthdays of BRuCE.

During these holidays, I might be working (for the first time in my life) at a firm called Walters and Partners doing small office jobs. Much thanks to Bee for hooking me up. So I will be earning a small wage, but at the same time I won’t be home much so I hope I don’t get too much homework.

The irony is that on my ACTUAL birthday, I’m going to another friend’s birthday party. Strange, isn’t it?

I’ve been talking to Catherine a lot still, even though she’s become sick this week. Actually speaking of sick, I’ve gotten the sniffles too! It was inevitable, I suppose, but it still sucks.

And now to explain the title.

Today was the parade thing for Environment Week. Basically each class makes a dress out of recycled materials. Anyway, one of the Yr 9s, 9E as I recall, made a dress with really big puffy shoulders.

And someone near my commented that “that looks like a human penis.”

Trust me, it gave us an entire lunchtime of mirth to think of her, the model, as the human penis. And in the end we could ask questions, and I wanted so much to ask the girl, “Are you aware that you look like a penis?”

So, enough “penis”, because I had a false scare yesterday that someone found my blog through  “Porn”. They actually said “through Pom” which is the nickname of a mutual friend.