Celeb Count 2

Today was the last day of Term 2! Wow, I still remember my posting about “the first day of the last” and now we’re halfway through. Time goes like a Zyrtec.

Celeb Count 2, okay.

After school, Carmaine, Julia and I went to Melbourne Central for Carmaine to do some shopping. For reference purposes, she didn’t buy anything.

They went into this store, apologies for not knowing the name, and Ly and I stayed outside in the “husband chairs”. Then Julia came rushing out, “Ruyi, you watch Neighbours right?”

“Sure,” I said. There’s no need to be embarrassed about it with Julia.

“I think the woman who plays Paul Robinson’s girlfriend is in there.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” so we got up and in the most UNSUBTLE way possible, walked into the store so I could have a chance to short-sightedly stare at the lady.

And yep, she has a shorter haircut but it was definitely “Rebecca Napier”, or Jane Hall as her actual name is.

So…2 celebs so far. No, we didn’t go say hi, because she was on the phone, but it was quite interesting to see a celebrity walking around shopping.