Filing away

Today was my first day actually earning money. Carmaine, Bianca, Fel and I went to work at Walters and Partners doing random odd jobs around the office.

We, the four of us, managed to do nearly 1000 letters. That is, Fel managed the signing, Carmaine and I the folding and stapling/paper clipping, and Bee the putting-into-envelopes.

Then we had lunch. (Damn straight we did all that before lunch).

Carmaine and I re-organized the entire filing room, hauling big-ass folders back and forth. Go us, Carmaine! Muscle strength haha!

Then we joined Bee and Fel in some filing of alphabetical order crap thingy that took ages and hurt my back.

On the tram home there was a creepy guy who screamed loudly and swore a lot.

My first day of work! Not that exciting. I sorta wished it would be like The Office, but it was just normal.

I work on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I take day off to do Chinese homework. Wednesday is Mai’s.

Sorry about short sentences. I wasn’t sure what information I could reveal about the firm I work at, not that it’s a dodgy firm. Besides, BIG BANG THEORY IS BACK!