Bloody Fel

Mm, first and foremost, that was a play on “Bloody Hell”. I don’t mean for it sound like a gripe about Fel. It is a bit though.

I spent the entire day with the lovely “Fail-icia” today at Walters, because Bee and Carmiane are both [sigh] sick.

[pause for silent sadness]

We filed and archived our way through a really monotonous day. I called up Bee and Carmaine at lunch break. They sounded alive.

The reason I wrote “Bloody Fel” was because, on our way home, we’d gotten to Gardiner train station on the tram, and as we were walking towards the platform, the boomgates came down. So I said “Oh hope that’s not my train.” Fel was going the other way, to clarify.

Fel says, “yeah bruh (don’t ask) that is your train.” So when I saw it pulling up at the station and I had still about 30 metres to go, I made a sprint for it. Full on sprinting, and seeing as I’m insanely unfit, that wasn’t fun.

The train goes right past.

It was a freaking express.

Fel was on the other platform, laughing her head off at me.

Bloody Fel.


4 thoughts on “Bloody Fel

  1. it would be funny if u FEL over running
    im so funny…

    You and Fel should get together. You’ll entertain each other for hours with your lameness.

  2. To the broertjie of Afrika

    Rather lame and sane than e-x-e-l-lent and demented! Lame and plain makes happy fame makes you unpopular!

    Yours truly

    Greatest fan club

  3. Surely the lame ugly duckling has been so spot on to know you will make it very grate one day! She is so proud of you. Congratulations! This is maybe the reason why she set you free because she had though you were so special and all she wanted for you were to fulfil this potential and not interfere with your future.

    It started off with the lame ugly duckling that love to give you lots of attention and showered you with her very obvious admiration, which in return gives you a sort of satisfaction (she noticed it on your face). This girl is such a people’s pleaser which is so much part of her personality. All she made of it was my overly attention is flattering his manly ego; this guy is not really into me, why on earth would he be! She felt so safe to (innocently) flirt with him because she never foreseen the possibility that he might like her, and that she might hurt him, what a ridiculous though! She is only the lame ugly duckling why would a perfect guy like him, who had so much going for him, be ever interested in her, she will never ever match up to him. Then after a few months, 8?? months , had passed in which this guy was aware of this smitten lame ugly duckling, he didn’t reciprocate. So the big prom happened still no reaction. So that very night she decided to move on and to kiss another boy who will find her attractive. She though maybe this sweet guy had a soft spot for her, but he doesn’t consider her as dating material, maybe he doesn’t want to tarnish his good reputation by associating with this pseudoly wild, confused child, (he in contrast was the overly serious, overly achiever kind of guy.

    So one night she attended a dance at the City Town Hall, she noticed the perfect sweet guy was also there. Yeah she had a feeling he just came to the dance to see her (he is not really into dancing, it is simply not his thing), but she though what a ridiculous though! Then he ask her to dance the word no came foolishly out of her mouth not intentionally, actually she meant Y-E-S. She didn’t know how to dance so close with a man, especially one which she felt so attracted to. Out of shock she couldn’t believe that after so many months he finally made a move. This lame ugly duckling who was fighting her own sad issues at the time, didn’t have the know how and skills to call him back and remedy the situation. She never had the intention to hurt him; it had rather to do with her own low self esteem. She was even so naïve to think “laaitjie you will be much better off without me, I’ am doing you only a favour, you can get much better, prettier and clever girls than me.”

    I have to also make mentioned of a certain fat lousy girl with a blabber mouth – the fattest girl in the school -, which sang malicious (prejudicial) songs into the ears of this sweet guy which be wrongfully believed, which had also a role to play in the f-i-n-a-l break up of the two sweethearts. Maybe it is not a case of the fattest girl that sings the loudest but the lame ugly duckling who laughs the last. I would think you should rather aim your vengeful feelings towards the real source of the problem, namely this girl with her sleazy, cheezy Christianity. But you see I am much bigger and smarter then she will ever be, so I will not hate her or take revenge, I rather just feel pity because she is so pathetic.

    Then many years have passed in which the once sweethearts had so many unnecessary bad blood between them. This very lame ugly duckling still feels so inadequate whenever she sees this very perfect guy, that she just wants to run away out of embarrassment. She will always care for this guy, now in a more mature manner, just as a good friend. She has now her own family which loves and cares for her, and he has now his own family which loves and cares for him. And this lame ugly duckling wish him very well and hope that he and she will one day take hands and be friends. She hopes she will still be able to recognise him and the opposite. She hopes he will accept this offer.


    I am no idea if this is a spam or an actual comment. Because it feels a bit irrelevant to what I wrote…so whoever wrote this and if you’re reading this…what?

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