Children’s Audio Books?!

Today I noticed in “incoming links” that this random Children’s Audio Books site linked to my blog, the post about that time when we went to see Potted Potter last holidays.

Yeah, hopefully they don’t read through the rest of my site, whomever sees that link. Might not be kiddy friendly. Even hopefully-er, they don’t read April’s as well.

By the way, check out United States of Tara.

It’s about Tara, as acted by Tony Collette, who has a split personality disorder.

She turns into T, a slutty 15 year old, Alice, a proper 1950s housewife (who’s a little on the creepy side) and Buck, an ex Viet Veteran…MALE.

Collette does all of these characters.

If you thought that mom who turns into her evil sister from Heroes is scary, this one is even better! It’s not SCARY it’s just funny.

Do check it out, please. It’s worth it. Can’t wait ’til it comes here to Australia.