Sunshine…it pierces my soul

This won’t be a long post since mom just came home and would want the computer quite soon.

We only have internet on this computer so…don’t give me shit like “omgz but u haf 2 compz”

(I was targetting Dom…)

Anyway, today I went to the Glen to have lunch with my friends and their formal dates. I myself went alone. BECAUSE SPANNA BLEW ME OFF.

I missed the bus I planned to take and so I walked an extra 10 minutes to another bus route. I ended up beating Daniel anyway, even though I thought I’d be late.

I met Charlie and J.H., and together with Carmaine, Fel (their respective MacRob dates) and Bianca we tried to find Daniel. Stupid boy got lost. At Glen Waverley.

Went to the back food court so the girls could have Max Brenner. Yes yes I’m a girl. I went to guy Hungry Jack’s with Daniel and J.H. Charlie wouldn’t eat. Korean.

Had a really fun lunch just randomly chatting about Transformers and Emma Watson being hot. Shaz came along and at 3:25 Carmaine realized she was meant to be home, but well of course wasn’t. She was off to see a French movie with her mom. Yeehh.

Carmaine left, and Charlie, clearly feeling awkward, left as well. Then I had to go to Safeway (actually it’s Woolworths now) and so we all went out separate ways.

Not that interesting, but I had to file SOMETHING under Social Life.


5 thoughts on “Sunshine…it pierces my soul

  1. Omgz u haf… A social life =p
    omggg is J.H jun-hoi ???
    Likee jun hoi lok !??! Like zomgg jun hoi!!
    Omg my predecessor jun hoi !!
    Best kid, LOL.

    You realize I censor names FOR A REASON!

  2. LOL @ Dom.

    Charlie caught up with me and we chatted. It was cool.



    What a giant. He was not that tall that last time I saw him..

    Yeah I thought you’d keep growing too. Lol you chatted, aww. He went away so fast after you left, I thought maybe he didn’t like us…

  3. Not like I mentioned jun hoi’s name 5 times or anything…

    You’re in love with that guy

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