Eff My Life!

Today at lunch, just before going to guitar ensemble, I sat with Julia, Jen, Bo and Spanna, and we basically shared FMLs we’ve read.

So, to make you smile (or cringe) here are some of the Tops and Flops from FMyLife.com (on my blogroll).

I’ve actually just c/p’d from the Tops and Flops. I didn’t go look for them. I trust ranking.

Today, I proposed to a girl I’d been in love with for 6 years. I filled the balcony of the building where I’d first laid eyes on her with innumerable roses and, under the starlit sky, I did it. She later posted on facebook ‘OMG. This geek I knew from high school did the FUNNIEST thing today’. FML

Today, I was at a family function. We were all sitting on the couch and I ended up falling asleep. I was woken up by my cousin, who threw a glass full of water at me. Everyone looked at me horrified. Turns out I masturbate in my sleep. FML

Today, I had my first kiss at a party. Later, I was told that the guy had been dared to kiss the ugliest girl in the room. FML

Today, my 14 year old sister deleted my entire iTunes library, which had every song by The Doors, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones, because she thought my music was “weird.” She replaced it with Britney Spears, Panic at the Disco and the Jonas Brothers. FML

Well, see, your life isn’t that crap, is it?