Woman Mario Player

Mm not such an effective play on “woman driver”. Not that I’m sexist against myself.

I had a triple free this afternoon, as I have had for the past 6 months. However today Julia joined me, I think one of her teachers was absent.

I was in the library attempting to start Chapter 5, and wrote perhaps half a page. I then gave up and played some Tetris.

Julia joined me, and was a bit bored watching me play Tetris, so I exited and asked her, “What would you like to do?”

She did her “I dunno” shrug. She hinted that she likes Mario Kart or “anything Mario really” and when Mario Kart didn’t work out online, I found a site which allows her to play old-school Mario.

And so that made my day. Julia’s used to the Mario controls on the DS, and not on the keyboard, and despite her best intended efforts, sometimes she just forgets to jump.

There was a part where the turtle shell would come at her (which would cause her to die) and she couldn’t jump over the pipe out of the way. So instead everytime the shell ricocheted back towards her she jumped frantically, not wanting to die. After all, at that point, she’d died about 5 times.

She’d get ready to jump a chasm by saying “Ok I’ll do a running start” and then forget to jump so she’d just run straight to death.

I suppose it’s no fun me talking about it, it was a “you had to be there and laughing at her” sort of thing.

Thanks, Julia, for a wonderful afternoon. Mr Gucci (not his real name) glared at us several times.