Filming for Yr 12 Video

Without going into too much detail, today we filmed for the all-in Year 12 video, and it mostly included me getting to yell at everyone to do stuff I want them to do, me yelling at people to wave, me yelling at people that they’re happy, dammit, and me yelling. I had to yell at everyone in the Common Room to stop eating lunch and go film. They hated me for that.

We lined the year level up, 12A to 12 J, going from the door near the Yr 9 lockers and overpass all the way through the school towards the Theatre. We ran out of people, so we told 12A onwards to basically, after we filmed them, to run (out of screen shot) to the theatre to the end of the line. I think watching everyone run to the end of the line was funnier, even though it was also great to see every single one of my friends wave and laugh and be happy.

After that, we decided to gather everyone inside the gym, because it was raining outside. We filmed from the mezzanine upstairs, and got everyone to spell out “EPIC!”. After a bit of tweaking and insults thrown by me, and a lot more yelling, we finally got everyone to wave and do the whole “I’m so happy!” thing. At a point, I tried to get people into the mood by shouting “ARE WE READY FOR THIS?!” and no one responded. Then someone was nice enough to start cheering so thank you, whoever you were.

It was tiring, hilarious, and I’m a little hoarse (neigh), but overall, what a brilliant session. Thanks everyone!


To Kit:

I try looking after you and worrying about you. I don’t want anything to happen to you.

But if you’re just going to disregard everything I say and go ahead and do whatever you want, and you get hurt, what am I to do? Because I’ll still worry and be sad for you when it happens, but I’m just so tired of cleaning up the mess which I tried to prevent in the first place.

So you keep asking me if I’m angry, and yes I’m fucking angry. You ask me what you can do to make me not angry, but it’s pretty obvious that whatever that is, you won’t do it. So why bother?


Breakfast at….School

I haven’t posted anything in a while so I guess a quick “stuff-that-happened” won’t hurt.

Today was the senior school breakfast morning. So instead of sleeping in like we usually would day after parent/teachers, we went normal time to school, and it was bloody cold in the morning.

Anyway, got to school, lined up (well I cut in line but as a Yr 12 I thought it my right to, anyway) and waited for the food to be served. Well, no, it was a buffet style sort of thing, but still, waited.

Carmaine showed up, much to my surprise, because she said she wasn’t going then she was and etcetera…confusing.

Still lining up, and then the line moved forward and we all grabbed a plate. Beside the plates, a sign was hung, that read “$6 for a plate (which we all have paid already) and extra $1 for extra”. “Extra” meant whatever you couldn’t fit on your plate.

Ahh, all those hours of Tetris is coming in handy.

I asked for my food to be put in a certain way so that all spaces are filled, and nothing will tip over, I piled my plate rather luxuriously, in my opinion.

Too luxuriously, I wasn’t able to finish it all. But it was a gooooood breakfast. I sat with D.P., Carmaine, Est- and Lisa LB, just randomly chatting and eating. Carmaine and Lisa LB busted their plastic forks. Men.

Didn’t see Eunice, but she told me later she was inside. Bee was away today, and Fel was too lazy.

So that was my morning. The rest of they day was pretty normal, except I managed to side-track Mr Sho in class again today. Win.


Smack…?! NO!

I promise! The first part will sound a bit boring but it gets to the funny punchline.

Today, in Legal, we were learning about civil cases and the process and all that, and so we went onto the topic of negligence. Mr Sho- was saying about how there are some parents who aren’t the best of parents, and are negligent of their children, or just not taking care of them properly. He told us about a toddler who was screeching at the supermarket one day, and the mom seemed not to care.

Marit- said, “A firm backhand would do the trick.” We all sort of laughed because…well smacking children seems a slightly old-fashioned thing now.

I then turned to ask Jen if she was smacked when she was little, to which the answer was “yes” (which is my answer too). Julia responded with a “no”, but we figured it is because she’s the 2nd child (and she confirmed this because her brother did get smacked).

Then I turned to ask Nik if she got smacked when she was little. We were in the front row so I had to say it quietly or else Mr Sho- would pick on me again, which probably contributed to the result that, when everyone grew quiet, Nik asked loudly:

“What? Why would I want to smack you?”



One Step Closer

Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I’m about to break.

I want to hit something. I want to kick at it, beat at it, until it buckles underneath me. I want to make you hurt. I want to make you realize how much you hurt me by making you hurt. And then when I do that I’ll kill myself. I never thought that I’d want to hurt you but I want to hurt you, and if I ever do I won’t let myself get away with it.

I don’t hate you. I hate that you assume that. I love you, but I don’t know what I love. I love everything about you and yet when I think about it I can’t even define one thing that I love. And I hate that. I hate that you think you can say anything you want to me, and I’ll let you off the hook. Because you do, and I do.

I’m a confused vessel of pain right now. A depressed wreck. I don’t see where I’m going, I don’ t know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’ve been, and I can’t be sure if I’ve done what I thought that I haven’t.

And I just need a light to guide me through it. I need a hand to pull me out of the depths. I need an embrace to keep me from the edge. I need a fire to melt the blade that is against my throat.

The time bomb within my heart will one day reach zero, and I’ll be blown into countless pieces, shattered beyond repair, beyond anything any amount of love can heal.

That day is near.


A quick update

I haven’t blogged in a while, I know, and I feel sorta like I’m neglecting my readers.

The thing is, not much has happened in the last few days. Friday was the Yr 11 formal, and I ran around the city helping other people for their night of fun. I tend to do that a lot. Help other people in their formals.

I just put my FB settings on Pirate Language.

I am having way too much fun to keep writing here.

So I’ll be off, until I have something better to write about.


Tastes Like Bitter

Carmaine told me to post something she said, but I forgot what it is. I do remember this one, however:

Now, she got a haircut yesterday, and her new haircut today is rather the awesome. Also, she was very happy in Methods, so I teased her by asking, “Hey, you’re really happy today. What’s up? Where’s the emo Carmaine?”

“I don’t know,” replied she.

“Did you eat her?”

“Yes I did. She didn’t taste very good though. Sorta bitter.”

[cue drums]

I wouldn’t believe that she thought of that on the spot, mostly because the delivery was almost perfect, and it’s hard to keep a straight face when telling such a good joke, but look, she’s convinced me that she did in fact make that up there and then.

Carmaine, if you’re reading this, do you remember the other thing you wanted me to post?


Happy One Year, Alex!

Today’s officially the 1 year mark since I started blogging seriously.

I’ve come a long way since I started, August 18th 2008. Hey, that wasn’t a bad date to start blogging, considering the number of 8s in there.

I’ve been through a lot since then, but most importantly, you’ve been with me through it all. You, my dear readers. Whether you are new or you’ve been with me since the genesis of my blog, I thank you. It is with your encouragement, your comments, and your continuing contribution to the now very healthy blog hits counter that made me continue with the gusto that I have now.

Many things have happened in the year past. I’ve been through dry spells, I’ve been through the George Clooney rush (which, to date, still remains my day of highest traffic). I’ve been through a month’s silence, and I’ve been through an engagement.  I’ve been through music videos, I’ve been through music lyrics, I’ve been through my own lyrics and I’ve been through James Blunt’s lyrics (for that post about Romeo and Juliet).

I’ve met people through the blog (shout out to Sneaks) and I’ve made new friends through this blog (shout out to CJ). I’ve gone to Sale on this blog, and I’ve gone to places inside my head I don’t usually go with this blog. I’ve recorded some memories that I treasure, and I’ve recorded happenings that saddens me.

I’ve been through 3 themes, 4 header images, various changes to appearances and links and I think about 3 – 4 different ways of signing out.

And I look forward to more. I look forward to next year, and the year after that, and the events that I will record on this blog.

Thank you for being with me.


P.S. I actually wrote this 3 days early and am going to set it to post at midnight on 18th of August. Here’s hoping it worked!

If you want to know

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You will know why, I won’t say it here.

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I respect privacy.

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