We were just saying today (Carmaine and I had said this before but we were saying to Nug) that Carmaine relates herself to Medea. If you don’t read that, basically Medea’s husband Jason cheats on her, and in a fit of crazy vengeful rage, she kills her children.

Yeah, put like that Carmaine sounds scary.

So Nug and I were joking around saying that we felt sorry for her future boyfriend.

Carm said this one: “DO NOT PROCREATE WITH HER!”

Me: (to imaginary boyfriend) “Look, you’re a top bloke, and Carm’s a top chick, but seriously, DO NOT CHEAT ON HER! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T DO IT!”

That was a funny conversation.

Also, I had “Anyone Else But You” stuck in my head (Mouldy Peaches. Also featured on Juno).

You’re a part-time lover and full time friend
The monkey on your back is the latest trend
I don’t see what anyone can see
In anyone else
But you

Anyone Else But You – Mouldy Peaches


4 thoughts on “Carm-edea

  1. I once read a poem by Yeats about a Medean Lady, maybe it’s Carmaine.
    Hey that picture next to the ‘Music’ subsection on wiki, I thought the woman was holding an Ipod Touch / Iphone instead of a wine glass.

    Haha you REALLY need to get in touch with the natural world, Chez. And maybe it IS Carmaine.

  2. i love that song and our school just did medea. seriously, caz, if you’re anything like her, you’re freakier than i thought…! 😛

    She’s freakier than you thought.

  3. theres no u in moldy and wtf i want to know what happened with the school

    LOL I will post it Monday! Caaaallllmmmmmm

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