I’ve Never…

Today after school I had lunch with Vania, Spanna and Julia at Nando’s at Melb Central, the one upstairs near the ticket place for Hoyts. Spanna had KFC but anyway.

Vania had Lemon and Herb and Julia, from memory, had Hot, and I had Extra Hot chicken wrap. We were all mucking around saying how Annie can’t handle chilli, and I told them about how when I was in primary school I ate so much chilli once I bled out of my nose. Julia choked laughing.

We started playing “I’ve Never” which I’ve never played before this but of course we all know about the game. For those who don’t know, basically you go around in a circle and say something you’ve never done (or that you have done, but just want to see who else has done it). If you’ve done whatever has been said, you take a drink. In our case, we took a bit of the “Medium” chilli sauce. It wasn’t that exciting for me, I mean the Medium ones were basically sour. But anyway.

I won’t delve the information that I learned today while playing, ‘cos you know, I’m nice like that. But it was a funny moment when Annie finally learned after nearly 4 years together that Julia has a brother. Actually we learned so much about Julia today.

It was a good lunch.

Also, after the whole “fiasco” WHICH NO ONE WILL MENTION UNTIL I DO HERE blows over, I’ll tell you all about what happened this week. I will rant. I will also explain why I’m delaying my rant.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Never…

  1. Whoa, extra hot? Tank 😛
    i’m doing an essay on GILEAD at the moment….

    Haha you gonna bring in some points that we discussed on MSN? Hi by the way.

  2. lols that game sounds fun. well as a drinking game anyways haha
    havent see u in a while
    well the proper me anyway ==”
    u can rant to me if u want lol

    I shall at some point. Except you’re never on MSN. Ehh. yeah some day soon we’ll have a coffee catch up.

  3. haha we should play it with alcohol one day. sounds fun 😉
    Annie to Julia: “YOU HAVE A BROTHER??” haha XD

    Ha. Alcohol in JULIA? Oh dear.

  4. what is so wrong with that?!
    psssh. i still wanna get sonam and tiff drunk one day. lol.

    Yeah I mean that’s an ultimate goal of ours. But in the meantime I don’t know what you’d be like drunk. Probably a tad more sadistic? Haha

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