What’s that ingredient?

Points of interest for today:

1) Parents came to school to talk to A.P. regarding the “fiasco” which I will from this point on refer to as “1984 in 2009”.

2) Won a taste-test challenge at lunchtime.

Regarding number 1, I think I’ll fully explain it on Monday. I’ll explain on Monday why it’s Monday. So now you’ve got a sneak-peak at it, you’d want to come back. You know you do.

Regarding number 2:

After a brisk goodbye to my parents after talking to A.P., I went back out towards the Yr 12 area to find friends. I walked past this little display at the undercroft, and I asked what was going on. Turns out there is an unofficial J.A.M. (Jesus At MacRob, a RELIGIOUS club that got BANNED from running at MacRob. Oh isn’t this 1984 in 2009…) “Masterchef” session going on, and I was just in time for the taste-testing.

So I got myself blindfolded, and stood at the table next to Fel, and waited for Po to spoon something into my mouth. (Yes I’m aware that the person who did this is named “Po”. No we did not invite “Poh” into our school.) Then we had to guess the ingredients. Getting it wrong is elimination.

From what I can remember (because I won and then I went and ate more of the mixture Po made) the mixture included the canned soup with beef, mince, potatoes, peas and carrots, and Granny Smith Apples, and some form of…yes…chocolate.

I got them right, so I won a Boost bar. In turn I won another Boost bar, from the first Boost bar I won.

When I won, everyone left the table. I was left by myself, blindfolded, with some soup on my chin from a poor spooning effort (shut up Dom), and yelling, “IS THERE ANYONE NEXT TO ME!?”

Well, that was basically it.


4 thoughts on “What’s that ingredient?

  1. J.A.M got banned???

    Start of this year. They got banned, I think, because they don’t actually like…do anything cultural or anything religious, they just get together and make stressballs…

  2. Since when was JAM banned? Oh maybe that’s why they’re inactive this year? I swear Ms C is out to get rid of all the clubs one by one.

    Also I hear a rumor that she gets notification whenever MacRob is mentioned on the internet, which would mean that my blog would be well into her sights.

  3. yays! i like this post !!
    jam is actually doin stuff at macrob !! yay =D
    rachel poh is rly cool ! thers actually christianity at macrob =]=]=]

    stupid macrob ==” banning jam
    but yeh, apparently it was a blessing in disguise coz they were only allowed to have meetings every 2 weeks or something a while back. without any official status now, the group can jst meet up anytime as friends and pray or whatever. well thats from wat i heard =p

    Oh is her last name actually spelt with a H? Also, Dom, for future references, please don’t mention people’s last names on this blog? I don’t know how frequently J.A.M. meets up now but well, the spirit of the club is still alive and ultimately that’s what’s important.

  4. lol and thats why i dont tag my blog

    You do random weird tags. I do tags because it helps people find my blog. Like the George Clooney one. Double-edged sword, yes, but I get more hits ahah

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