If you want to know

The previous post was password protected.

You will know why, I won’t say it here.

Leave a comment on this post, using your real personal email address when required, and I’ll email you the password.

I respect privacy.

If you do not wish to share your real email address, then you will not be given the password. I will know if it’s your real email, because I only expect to send the password to people I know.


18 thoughts on “If you want to know

  1. is this specifically for certain people?
    if so, then cool, i’ll stop being a stalker 🙂

    Well, really, as long as you can prove you’re not one of the teachers at my school, you are welcome to read it. However I do need proof, for my own peace of mind. Sorry.

  2. wow A LOT of people read your blog 😛
    I don’t know what email address I’m using on WordPress… but send it to my normal email please. 🙂

    OH CRAP I’m sorry I didn’t notice your comment. Sending email.

  3. Ohh, so I have to comment you! Rightio… I kept typing my wordpress password in and it obviously wasn’t working. I’m logged in atm, you have my email yeah?

    Anyway, hope everything’s okay. 🙂


  4. in all of my stalkerishness and curiosity, I’d like to know what happened…please let me in?

    Sorry, who is this?

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