Filming for Yr 12 Video

Without going into too much detail, today we filmed for the all-in Year 12 video, and it mostly included me getting to yell at everyone to do stuff I want them to do, me yelling at people to wave, me yelling at people that they’re happy, dammit, and me yelling. I had to yell at everyone in the Common Room to stop eating lunch and go film. They hated me for that.

We lined the year level up, 12A to 12 J, going from the door near the Yr 9 lockers and overpass all the way through the school towards the Theatre. We ran out of people, so we told 12A onwards to basically, after we filmed them, to run (out of screen shot) to the theatre to the end of the line. I think watching everyone run to the end of the line was funnier, even though it was also great to see every single one of my friends wave and laugh and be happy.

After that, we decided to gather everyone inside the gym, because it was raining outside. We filmed from the mezzanine upstairs, and got everyone to spell out “EPIC!”. After a bit of tweaking and insults thrown by me, and a lot more yelling, we finally got everyone to wave and do the whole “I’m so happy!” thing. At a point, I tried to get people into the mood by shouting “ARE WE READY FOR THIS?!” and no one responded. Then someone was nice enough to start cheering so thank you, whoever you were.

It was tiring, hilarious, and I’m a little hoarse (neigh), but overall, what a brilliant session. Thanks everyone!