Now I Know EXACTLY Why…

…Why me not going to the formal was a great idea.

Firstly, I never would’ve worn a dress, so the alternative would’ve been me in a suit.

And today proved why that would’ve been bad.

I went to Chadstone with parents to shop for Valedictory, something I actually can’t not go to. Obviously, I wasn’t going to buy a dress. I went to YD, where they stocked up to XXXS, which is perfect for me.

Anyway, went in and the lady was pretty smooth when I asked her if they had my size. Pointed me over to the shirts and dress pants, and hooked me up with a XXS in shirt and a 26 in pants. I thought it was okay, albeit the pants were a bit long (but she can take it up, the lady).

Called mom in, which is where the shit started.

To glaze over things, she basically laughed at me wearing what I was wearing, saying how dumb I looked, and repeatedly saying in English so the lady could understand “you’re a girl, not a boy”.

Yes, we noticed that.

Of course, the poor lady had to stick up for me, and say I looked alright (it’s her job), and then dad came in and laughed as well.

And that was just the shirt and pants. If we had gone on to the jacket/waistcoat, I’m sure they’d’ve DIED of laughter.

So yeah, fuck them.

We didn’t go back, even though now I need to because I later bought a Black Friday jacket (I can’t find an image, sorry, and camera’s not healthy enough to take a picture with) which needs a good shirt underneath or you’ll see my stomach when I left my arms (ew). Also, still need pants, because it’s a no-denim event.

See, I hate having to dress up for shite.

So, does anyone have pants? No, I’m kidding.