Now I Know EXACTLY Why…

…Why me not going to the formal was a great idea.

Firstly, I never would’ve worn a dress, so the alternative would’ve been me in a suit.

And today proved why that would’ve been bad.

I went to Chadstone with parents to shop for Valedictory, something I actually can’t not go to. Obviously, I wasn’t going to buy a dress. I went to YD, where they stocked up to XXXS, which is perfect for me.

Anyway, went in and the lady was pretty smooth when I asked her if they had my size. Pointed me over to the shirts and dress pants, and hooked me up with a XXS in shirt and a 26 in pants. I thought it was okay, albeit the pants were a bit long (but she can take it up, the lady).

Called mom in, which is where the shit started.

To glaze over things, she basically laughed at me wearing what I was wearing, saying how dumb I looked, and repeatedly saying in English so the lady could understand “you’re a girl, not a boy”.

Yes, we noticed that.

Of course, the poor lady had to stick up for me, and say I looked alright (it’s her job), and then dad came in and laughed as well.

And that was just the shirt and pants. If we had gone on to the jacket/waistcoat, I’m sure they’d’ve DIED of laughter.

So yeah, fuck them.

We didn’t go back, even though now I need to because I later bought a Black Friday jacket (I can’t find an image, sorry, and camera’s not healthy enough to take a picture with) which needs a good shirt underneath or you’ll see my stomach when I left my arms (ew). Also, still need pants, because it’s a no-denim event.

See, I hate having to dress up for shite.

So, does anyone have pants? No, I’m kidding.


8 thoughts on “Now I Know EXACTLY Why…


    In all seriousness I would have exploded. I am in a similar situation to you – parents ridiculing my attire and what not – but not to extent of them laughing at me in public. Well I haven’t been in that situation… yet.

    Still. They should just go die. 😀

    Should add: Please revisit the line “you’ll see my stomach when I left my arms.” You were -legless- when you wrote this post weren’t you?

    OK! LIFT my arms. Haha. But I’ll leave it like that, it looks funny.

  2. awwwwww poor Alex =[ xD i’m sure you’d look good in either dress or suit lol~

    You actually continuously stalk my blog without telling me eh?

  3. Ahh, yea, this stuff happens all the time. My mother tends to laugh at me whenever she finds that I’m wearing guy’s clothes. Always commenting “You look like such a boy! But you’re a girl!” LoL She would tell me how silly i look and that i should revert to dressing like a girl because then i’d be decent to look at. How quaint.

    The up side is that i piss off asian orthodox parents (whom i don’t like), yet still do better than their kids even though i’m an under-average macrobbian. They can SUCK MY CHEST BALLS.

    If you want me to come with you to look for a suit, or buy some guy clothes, just give a shout =] i know how awkward it can be to go cross-dress shopping alone. Not fun at all XD

    Lol thanks Stoner. And I might take you up on that offer. As of now I’m in need of pants, shirt and tie. But I don’t know yet. It is coming up. What are you going to wear?

  4. hey bbs haven’t talked in a while so thought i’d check in 🙂
    how’re things? studying hard/hardly studying?
    you should’ve gone to your formal! it’s kinda silly but so much fun!
    my friend mish came to formal AND valedictory in a suit and it was no biggie (although i’m sure when garvey gave mish her certificate thing she looked twice, as did the entire theatre of confused parents and sibilings)
    are you still interested in doing media & comm at MU? i think it’d really suit you

    I saw the pictures from America. Intensely jealous. And yeah I wonder if I’ll get 2 looks. I hope so. And yes, if I can get into Media and Comm, I definitely want to go. I can see you then, maybe! (And no, obviously I’m not studying that hard.)

  5. Hi… I just happened to stumble upon your blog. (Found it through wordpress tags)

    And you made me laugh. Really hard.

    And so, good luck on your quest for the perfect pants.

    P.S. Had you tried e-bay?

    Haha thanks, Anonymous. Forgive me for being a bit skeptical but I think you’re not as random and Anonymous as you’re leading me to believe. I don’t have credit card therefore Ebay is a bit out of the question, and also I don’t actually know my size in men, so I suppose that’s a deterrence. But if worse comes to worst, I will give it a shot! Thanks! And do keep coming 🙂

  6. your parents are just as bad as mine haha
    i have actually done that and they’ve said the exact same thing
    in perfect english >_>”

    but anyways OH WELL!
    you will find nice pants soon 🙂
    who needs dresses when you can wear a simple shirt and pants
    woot 😀

    Haha I’m loving the support I’m getting here! Yeah dresses are annoying, and then you have to get the color matching with your shoes and all that jazz…

  7. Your parents act like my sister, lol. I wore a suit one time to a cocktail party (full black, coloured tie), and she said “You look terrible, its like you’re going to a funeral” glare*


    Yes well (:
    Anyways, if you want I know a few places with quite awesome ties ;D
    Btw, you wouldn’t mind if I came with you and eddie right? ^^

    Not at all. A 2nd opinion never hurts. Lol well I prefer cheap ties…:)

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