How I Got Fa, How I Got Her Good

Today after Chinese school, Fa was walking ahead of me, so I shouted out “slut!” and she turned around.

We laughed, she felt stupid.

Two minutes later I did the same thing.

She turned around again.

I laughed. She tried to kill me.


4 thoughts on “How I Got Fa, How I Got Her Good

  1. i was eating tiramisu log while reading this, and now there’s some stuck in the back of my nose.

    HAHA best comment/response I’ve gotten yet! Thank you! And I hope you dislodged it somehow.


    You’re my favorite slut, and you know it! No I kid, I KID! You’re always my favorite cousin because you LET ME GET AWAY WITH THIS STUFF!

  3. LOL. Just don’t yell that out in Methods…

    Side note: Am I the only one around here that does not use an alias or ambiguous nickname?

    PS. The left side of my body still hurts.

    Well, seeing as I use your real name on my blog it’s redundant for you to use an alias. You can, if you want, really. P.S. I think your nails cut me, cos I was bleeding afterwards. I’m sorry about making your hurt.

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