Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I will admit it:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is my new celebrity crush.

Wow, that phrase sounds even more gay when written out.

500 Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You, yes you know it, he looks familiar.


P.S. I just had the best 10 minutes of my life looking at pictures. Yay. Ha.

6 thoughts on “Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  1. omg have you seen 500 days? i looove him in that movie, so adorably and hopelessly romantic 🙂

    No but I am planning to with Sneaks.

  2. If this was Facebook I’d have clicked ‘like’ a million times already.
    Watch Stop Loss.

    We’re definitely meeting up to see 500 Days of Summer. Lol except I have to study so many days! We’ll figure it out. Come on MSN some time.

  3. I have but one thing to say: wowee wow wow wow!

    Seriously, though, there’s no shame in anyone — man or woman — crushing on JGL. He’s easy on the eyes, and he happens to have boatloads of acting talent. He can do everything from comedy (remember “3rd Rock from the Sun”?) to drama (“Brick,” “Manic,” “Mysterious Skin”) to romantic comedy. He rocks on all fronts!

    M. Carter at the Movies

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