Somebody join me next time…

Today was a really good day, so, as I had planned when I first realized how nice today would be, I went out for a walk.

I was talking to my friend who slept funny on a Queen sized bed yesterday, and she tells me that behind her house is the Brentwood Reserve. I thought, cool, because originally I was planning on walking to Jells Park, which is a solid, a very solid 30 minute walk away. And a fast walking pace, I assure you.

So today, after coming home from Knox to which Mom dragged me (I did end up getting a new MicroSD and digital camera) I packed my 1984 (Okay, Dani’s 1984 which I have been borrowing for most of this year), my iPod, some water and smeared sunscreen all over me (my legs haven’t seen sunshine for the entire winter) and then went to the reserve.

I was by myself, of course, despite texting the funny-sleeping friend to join me. Then I texted April, not to join me but just for fun. She told me about an interesting concert/party thing which I am tempted to go to but…but it’s over the holidays which means studying. I’ll see.

I layed in the grass reading 1984 for a good half hour, and then suddenly when I got to the really really exciting part where Winston and Julia got busted, the sky darkened and I thought, aw hell it’s gonna rain. So I went home. No ants!

It didn’t rain, in fact it stayed warmer.


So yeah, somebody join me next time, it would’ve been more fun.