Don-don-don-don’t hold back

Today was Vania’s 18th birthday, and we had her birthday party at April’s place.

Got there before anyone else did, win. Vania came later on, and got stuff set up. Brought a respektable amount of alcohol so that April can make sex on the beach.

I still snigger when I say that.

Got Singstar set up, and started warming up with a few songs. Bo came, then Bel and Julia, then Li-. We really got into the swing of things and then we played Pass The Mic and that was stupid hard.

April and I did battle on Grace Kelly by Mika. We actually did pretty well. It’s a good song.

Aristarchus, April’s cat, rubbed himself on everyone and everything that came along.

Mimay and Fah- came along much later, and then Lily left. We had ice cream cake, and then just before Vania cut the cake, we (or me) suggested that Vania do a shot before she cuts the cake. April got her a Vodka and Schnapps shot, and Soph yelled “Oh my god, give her a chaser, she’ll die.”

Then April made sex on the beach.


Sang a bit more, Julia and I owned on “Don’t Hold Back” by the Potbelleez (or however you spell their band name) and then started watching 10 Things I Hate About You.

Everyone pretty much left at that point, and then when Vania left, Julia, Bel and I decided to bid our farewells as well.

It was fun, because everytime someone left we sang happy birthday.

Julia sneezed a lot. Like. A lot. I think Bel counted to 12 (?) in a row.

Played Tap Tap Revenge on the train home. Need to download more songs.


5 thoughts on “Don-don-don-don’t hold back

  1. LOL I gotta wonder, L-look-alike… Is Fah a nickname or is their a little trouble with the spelling?

    I don’t like cats, but April’s cat was definitely amusing… And you really continued singing happy birthday each time someone left? “Fah” and I were having trouble imagining what the last let’s say “performance” would look like, we just couldn’t imagine one person singing. “Sex on the beach” doesn’t get me sniggering but it definitely gets me smirking. Too bad Van didn’t finish it… Course you finished it for her =P

    It’s was good to finally meet you… and everyone else I met today that Vania’s told me about.

    Till next comment ;]

  2. Yes we did. It became half assed.
    @mimay I censor names remember? It was awesome to meet you too, you really drew an excited response from vania and Julia.
    @dom trust YOU to know that

  3. Hahahaha Mimay remember how we looked through the cocktail book, found Screaming Orgasm and were then dissapointed cos there was no picture? Hahaha

    “I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be vi-o-let sky, I could be hurtful, I could be purple, I COULD BE ANYTHING YOU LIKE’ <– by that point I would be squealing. Well done for being awesome in that song 🙂

    THAT's how you spell Aristarchus..

    'Julia' owned EVERY song (Y)

    If I didn't know April had a younger sister before I met Sophie, I would have thought she was older too.

    Julia sneezed in tune with a song.. I forgot which one but it was pretty funny.

    “I could be hurtful” is the highest bit.

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