When you REALLY need to elaborate…

This is an anonymous conversation I overheard somewhere. I swear:

Girl 1: Wanna hear something you don’t care about?

Girl 2: Sure.

Girl 1: I got new underwear today.

Girl 2: Cool. My daddy usually buys my underwear.

Girl 1: …Ah…

Girl 2: He used to work at Holeproof underwear and socks factory.

Girl 1: Oh. Oh okay that’s less creepy.


2 thoughts on “When you REALLY need to elaborate…

  1. is it that bed for a dad to buy underwear… ?

    Well, the girl looked to be about 16, 17, so it is a bit creepy that the father buys her underwear. Or maybe it was just to me and Girl 1.

  2. …If I didn’t read the last two lines my expression would’ve stayed like this oO till the end of this comment…

    See Dom, Mimmo finds it disturbing. Hi Mimmo.

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