Mojo Jojo!

I’m gonna dress up like this for the last day. Omfg how the hell am I gonna do that! Some help? Does anyone have, for example, white gloves/boots, a purple cape? Or a Mojo Jojo mask? Anyone?

Roflcopter, this guy is pretty hardcore. Don’t think I’ll go THAT extreme.

Anyway, help me out!



(Obviously, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham! Am I going to copy Mai’s lyrical title thing? Probably not. But this once.)

Today I woke up my first sleeping train passenger!

We pulled up at Glen Waverley and I stood up, and he was totally still asleep.

So I was all like shaking him.

But he was all like still asleep.

So I totally was all like shaking him harder.

And he totally opened his eyes.

And I was all like, “we’re here!”

And he was all like, “Thanks.”

It was awesome.