Pictures are all that I have

Sometimes – no, almost always- I wish I could be in photos with them, so it actually looks and feels like I’m in the group.

I’m never really there, when the mood strikes. And the mood never strikes, when I am there.

I try not to take it personally, but each of their smiles makes my heart rip.

I am not going to take it personally, dammit. I said I’m tired of this shit, but I still let myself get caught up in it.


2 thoughts on “Pictures are all that I have

  1. Poor Alex D:
    I guess I can sort of empathize.
    Being with the group of people I am with, when photos start getting taken I feel (and do) stand out. I try not to get in them…
    But at the end of school there’s that empty feeling of not being with them enough.
    I am one to get nostalgic, I regularly go through old photos to remind myself of the good times. Depressing to think there might not be enough photos of these past few years.
    But you can always count on the fact that they’ll (friends) will be there for you I guess.

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