Big girls and bigger girls – all are beautiful

I suppose you wondered why I quoted FERGIE in my previous previous post “Big girls don’t cry…” etc.

That was because I wrote that on Tuesday, which was the day of the Middle School Soiree.

Jen and I, being in the guitar ensemble, stayed behind afterschool for the soiree.

The dress-up theme for that day was Previous School Uniform and Carmaine came in just casual, but it looked a bit preppy (save for her short shorts). Someone asked her if that was her old school uniform. I said, “Yes, because her old school was Ralph Lauren.”

Afterschool, after sound check (I had my first sound check, and last, and it was awesome), Jen and I went into South Melbourne just basically to unwind and eat/relax before the soiree. It was a hot day, 27 degrees celcius, so we went to the Coffee Club on Clarendon. It had free Wi-fi which made our afternoons. We had our iced drinks and instead of JUST TALKING TO EACH OTHER across the table, we Facebook messaged each other.

It was fun.

Went to Baker’s Delight and I bought a chilli pizza which was actually chilli, kudos to them.

At 5:20 pm the weather suddenly changed to become colder. I took the time.

Walked around South Melbourne for a bit so Jen could have a gawk at a few things, and went past the Bookstore on Coventry St. We went in and went to the back which was the kids’ section. Spent about 40 minutes there just browsing through kids’ books.

Saw a book titled 1001 Books Kids Must Read Before They Grow Up. In the ages 12+ section there was Twilight. I reckoned the book could’ve just been 1000 Books.

Also saw these two books (one of which not only do I know already I’ve actually posted a blog about it over a year ago, to whomever can remember it):

Does anyone remember this post?

And also this:

It made me rofl hard.

Then, as Jen went to the counter to buy “Where The Wild Things Are” the guy behind the counter asked, “is this for a little girl or a little boy? Or a big girl or a big boy?” And I started laughing because it was for SonJ, who is a big tall girl.

When I then went up to buy the first book for Carmaine, the guy asked, “Is this for the same big girl?”

Jen replied, “No this is a different big girl…a biggER girl.”

We laughed all the way to Nandos.

I bought a coleslaw because I wasn’t hungry, Jen bought regular chips. We went to the playground area near the roundabout near Napier St and ate it, and then went back to school to perform.

We were okay.

That’s the end of Tuesday.

It was awesome fun.