Barista or Game-ah?

Just to catch people (who give a shit) up…

I’m applying for a job at about 5 different EB Games (I REALLY want to work there haha) and one at Gloria Jeans on Kingsway in Glen Waverley. I suppose either would be fine – GJs is ACTUALLY hiring whereas I’m just throwing hopeful hooks into EB Games – but I’m a bit iffed at GJ since I have dodgy balance and boiling water? Uh oh…

Who knows?

This is also for me to read back on much later next year and laugh at. Because by then I’d be hopefully working at one of the two. Or neither. Or somewhere at bloody least.


P.S. JEN! SPANNA! I’m barely holding on! It was a close call last night…

Say “Perhaps” in Spanish, April

I suppose this was long overdue…because I haven’t really kissed your ass in ages.

APRIL! I love you!

Please stay in Melbourne.

Please stay in my life.

Please stay in making my life miserable.

Please stay in my memories.

Please stay.

I’d rather have you tease me about everything than to have nothing to tease about you.