Wheels On The Bus…Went 2 Stops Too Far

FML moment of the day:

Got to Glen Waverley to find the bus I usually take which drops me off at a bus stop closer to my house had JUST LEFT. So I took an alternative route which would’ve given me an extra 5 minutes’ walk. No biggie.

Yes biggie. Yes a big fucking biggie.

The buzzer on the bus wasn’t working and the bus driver didn’t think to tell any of us that. So when I pressed for my stop outside Whites Lane near Fedeles, it drove past. Now, I was relying on the bus to stop so I was looking down at my phone for the time, so I didn’t notice we’d passed the stop. By the time I’d noticed we’d gone by the 2nd stop. So I walked an extra half hour home.



P.S. Get better Julia!