Ode to Katherine

What? Did that look like a repeat? No, before it was Ode to Catherine and now it’s Ode to Katherine. Different girl.

I guess with this one it won’t be as deep as the one to Catherine because I have yet still a lot more to find out about this Katherine, but I guess for my readers I will explain who this new Katherine is.

Back in Yr 7 when I was still a Brentwood kid, I went to the inter-school table tennis competition and there I met this awesomely crazy little Asian girl. We had a blast that day. We promised that we’d do table tennis the following year as well, to meet again.

Well, we did, except I got on the B team instead and she on A. We still hung out heaps and the impression that I had from that day was we had even more fun. It was like we weren’t just seeing each other once a year it was like we’ve been friends for ages.

Anyway, after that I went to MacRob so I never got the chance to see her again. I stopped talking to her on MSN. I only had her home phone and not her mobile (seriously, I don’t know how either) so I never texted her. She was on MSN, I just never…spoke to her.

It wasn’t until I was talking to Jade on Facebook one day during the holidays when I noticed in her friends list was someone who I’d met along with Katherine. Her name jogged my memory, and I added Katherine as well.

We started talking on Facebook, and lo and behold I finally noticed that she’s been on MSN with me for the past 4 years, nearly every night. I said hi. She said hi back. Then she threw at me about 10 different emoticons, and some lame puns.

And I suddenly remembered why we clicked so well. It was her carefree attitude, her readiness for some humor in life, her way of making me smile with just a small *poke*. And I suddenly missed it. I missed the 4 years we could’ve continued to be friends, to be better friends. I regretted not taking the initiative to keep in contact, and I decided to make sure that this time we stay in touch.

Do you want an example of her humor? Here:

Darn adorable and hilarious, don’t you think?

Well, Katherine, here’s to a renewed and continued friendship. [cue happy emoticon where I’m the pink one who trips over]

She said what?! Figure out her navigation for yourself, I had to.


/edit Oh well, since she mentioned me along with 5 other friends on her blog, I think I can squeeze this in.

Had the Methods 1 exam today, and the last question was a worded one which went “Give and explanation why the approximate value is greater than the exact value?” Knowing I wouldn’t get the mark anyway, I decided to MLIA the shit:

“Because it is an approximate, it would either be greater or less than the exact value. Given only these two choices, and that the question alluded to the fact that it is greater, the process of elimination and logic would provide that it is greater than the exact value.”

Or something like that.