Psychic Moment For The Day #3

Oh I nearly forgot. Today as we were about to take the train to the exams Connex said that all trains are delayed by half an hour, with no shuttle bus.

Panicking a little, Eliza and Fel said they’d give me a ride. I ended up going with Fel. I was desperately calling Carmaine trying to make sure she knows that trains aren’t running. But she wasn’t picking up.

Just as I was about to give up I turned around and saw Carmaine walking behind me. I called out and all was good.

Not exactly psychic but just lucky. Anyway.


Count, The Sequel

Number of exams I’ve done thus far:


Number of exams to go:


Number of days until I am free:


Number of ways I can be screwed for Legal:


The amount that I give a shit:


Number of times I’ve told Katherine I love her:

To the point where she says “I know” instead of “naww”