Count, The Sequel

Number of exams I’ve done thus far:


Number of exams to go:


Number of days until I am free:


Number of ways I can be screwed for Legal:


The amount that I give a shit:


Number of times I’ve told Katherine I love her:

To the point where she says “I know” instead of “naww”


3 thoughts on “Count, The Sequel

  1. Because I’m such a lovely person…

    Number of exams to go:
    Number of days until I’m free:

    Am I rubbing it in?
    …Ch’yeah, duh.

    Goodluck on your exams, and from the sound of it, espesh for Legal.

    You should’ve ended it with “Being able to rub it in? Priceless.” That’s a better way of ending it, like Sneakerologist suggested last time.

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