I Nom A Blackberry

Well I suppose I have to brag about it. It’s probably unsafe. But who cares.

Today, as a sort of semi-joke I said to my parents, “I should get a new phone. I’ve had this Nokia since Yr 9!” And to my surprise they said yes.

So at first I pretty much had my sights set on the Nokia N97 (I always liked Nokia) then a sales rep showed me the Samsung HD which totally had me hooked, especially at its amazing camera and stuff. But then another rep told me that in order for the Samsung HD to basically be fun, you have to be constantly linked to the internet, and to do that it would be cheaper to be put on plan, and I want to stay with Optus Prepaid.

Then the same (2nd) sales rep told me about the Blackberry Curve 8500 (I’m pretty sure that’s the number) and then introduced me to the Optus Blackberry Turbocap Prepaid offer. Since I was on Turbocap already, it’s gonna be the same amount of money, but I get to have 12 months of free internet and email from the Blackberry.

So, I said yes.

Then my parents said yes.

Within 30 minutes I was trying to get the battery in and updating all my contacts (which ended up taking over 2 hours because I’m a bit pedantic about the neatness of my contacts) and then tomorrow I’ll put on some music so I actually…won’t have to rely on the funny midi noises to know when someone is calling me.

Okay, well, I’m happy.

Oh and finally, I might be getting a Telstra prepaid number so I can text Telstra prepaids with the 1c text thing. If I do, I suppose this blog will know about it.


5 thoughts on “I Nom A Blackberry

  1. i adore the blackberry bold and 8900. gonna save up for the 8900 ove the holidays.

    Mm yeah the red numbers do look better than my gray ones haha. What are the differences in their features?

  2. bold is bigger than 8900, and has bigger (and better looking) buttons than 8900. 8900 and bold have a scroll ball thing, whereas the curve just has a big button, i think?

    Oh yeah my thing has this button where when you brush your finger over it it scrolls. Pretty nifty. Yeah the size of the smaller one is better for me so.

  3. now u can look like those annoying, blonde, american drama queens u see on tv when u text !

    Actually no the blond American drama queens have the sort of phones that slide out from the side. But yes I have a qwerty keyboard haha.

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