Happy Birthday Carmaine, AGAIN!

Holy crap, a year passes really quickly. Your previous birthday still feels like it was last month. Except it’s weird how a whole year of Yr 12 passed and there were dramas and break downs and all that crap and yet I came out the other end still feeling like your 17th was last month. Weird, right?

Well, this is my 2nd timed post. I won’t be home to post this, which actually saddened me but at the same time I think this way it is much cooler. I know you’ll definitely read this because I’m going to bloody tell you to.

Happy 18th birthday, love. Have a wonderful day (hopefully not working). Jen and I will be back to celebrate your birthday next week. For now, stay safe!

I love you,


happybirthdaycarmaineOkay, I actually can’t see my eyes. I thought you’d like that [grins].