It’s A Terrible Thing To Know What You Want

[The Way She Moves – Forever The Sickest Kids]


I think for now I’ll stay reserved on here and simply state that I’m happy, I’m relieved because it’s enough, despite what my parents may think/say/do.

And I’m very very happy for Cathy who got one of the best marks so far, while being in Frankston.

My Study Scores made me laugh though. How did I get so low for English? And how was English Language my first when I did so badly in the exam? Well, the mysteries of VCAA.

I hope all was well for everyone too. And when I say well, I meant: satisfactorily enough and a good reflection of the hard work you put in. Don’t beat yourself up just because you didn’t get that score “your parents wanted”. As long as you’re ace with what you did, that’s the real ace. It’s YOUR life.


P.S. Omgsh I think this will be the last time I tag “School” as a category. It’ll be university soon!

2 thoughts on “It’s A Terrible Thing To Know What You Want

  1. awesome ruyi, congrats on your marks!! =D
    hope you get in to what you wanted to..
    dont worry about your parents too much either, though they can get to you sometimes =.=

    You should know! One year later “Mate you still got a shit mark” poor guy.

  2. congrats on your score (lol even though i don’t know what it is) i’m sure you were excellent
    hope you get into the course you want, even if you don’t i know you’ll make it to wherever you want to go 😉
    doing anything schoolies like these holidays?

    Already been to Schoolies! Clearly YOU don’t read the rest of my blog. And no actually I’m below the clearly-in so I’m just waiting for first round offers.

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