Welcome To The Real World, She Said To Me

[No Such Thing – John Mayer]

Today Katherine came to my place and we had an epic time. I made her eat a lot.

I won’t post too much because not that much happened. We watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Also, I got a Tumblr! It has an artsy fartsy name: “Daunting Understandings” which was actually generated by the Random Phrase Generator. So not that deep.

There is a chance I want to change my Tumblr title soon so I’m going to warn Katherine because she…took a long time trying to fix my heading for me. She’s going to pretty much kill me.

Okay I’m off to basically link other stuff to it as well.

This means that I will mostly blog pictures and videos there, because it’s easier there, and I will blog just texts and stuff that happens here. So keep coming here, and keep going there.


/edit. Yeah I changed Daunting Understandings to smellslikeawesome