Who’d Have Believed You’d Come Along?

[Sweet Caroline – Glee Cast Version]

I won’t lie and say I have the original version.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know I’m a few hours shy, but I simply felt the need to write it now. Not that I have much going on tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having fun eating dinner with their families, wrapping presents, getting ready to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion parade.

I know I am.

The parade.


Stay safe, stay reasonably sober, and most importantly, stay merry!


One thought on “Who’d Have Believed You’d Come Along?

  1. Once upon a time (2007), I switched channels and found myself mesmerised by the VS Angels, but not like a hormonal teenage boy. I was amazed by the ease of their stride even with the seemingly heavy costumes they wore. And I thought, what a wonderful metaphor. Grace is strength unnoticed. 😀

    You just say that because you suck at balancing. Actually you’re right. Cheetahs, gazelles, ballet dancers; they’re so graceful but it takes so much strength to stay so fluid.

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