I Don’t Know How You Charmed Your Way Into My Heart

[Pandora – Madina Lake]

Yes okay maybe I chose that one specifically.

I watched Avatar today, with Angie. In 3D. It. Was. Fucking. Awesome.

I can’t even begin to describe the sheer cinematographic beauty. The flora and fauna of Pandora left another friend saying, “THE TREES ON EARTH ARE SO BORING!”

The creatures were astoundingly exotic, and the Na’vi (the natives of Pandora) are stunning creatures themselves, with amazing ability to interface with the world around them.

I read up on some scientific background of the movie. Call me a geek, but the level of scientific accuracy that James Cameron went into made me believe even more (or rather, want to believe) that Pandora is real, and we could go there.

Copernicus Grades Cameron On The Science of AVATAR!!

This guy mostly went through some flaws of the movie, as well as grading the goods. After reading it, I saw the standpoint from scientific intellectuals, but to the untrained and impressionable eye like mine, the slight flaws didn’t bother me at all.


This was mostly just a dossier on all the creatures and new creations of Pandora. I haven’t read it all yet but it was pretty interesting.

An Activist Survival Guide

I haven’t finished reading this either, but it looked interesting from the few lines I scanned, plus it has a crash course on the language of Na’vi.

I highly recommend you watch the movie, in 3D. The experience is not something you should pass up.


One thought on “I Don’t Know How You Charmed Your Way Into My Heart

  1. I watched Avatar in 3D too (like most of the online community as supported by Twitter and Facebook statuses). The best part of the movie, the bit where he goes wild when first inhibiting the Avatar. James Cameron did a fine job in capturing the essence of what it is like to be…well, me.
    Oh! I also loved the glowing patterns on the faces of the Na’vi! That was the one thing that made me fall in love with Pandora – all the shiny things.

    Yeah I don’t know if I’m mentioned it but this is an original concept by I think James Cameron himself (well I know he did a lot of the research for it) so considering that it wasn’t a manga team or whatnot that created this world, he actually did an ace job of the finer details.

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