Do What I Gotta Do, Just Gotta Show You

[Summer Love – Justin Timberlake]

My status shows a decrease in the number of hits I’m getting. I don’t know if it’s because people are simply too busy celebrating Christmas or if I’m actually becoming really boring – shock horror – so I guess I’m going to try to pick things up.

Now that Christmas and all that she-bang is over, everyone’s looking forward to New Years celebrations. I guess I had a point but I don’t know where it’s leading.

I wonder what everyone’s doing? Will this be a stunt desperate enough to get someone to comment and read? What are your plans for NYE and NY, and are you looking forward to it?


One thought on “Do What I Gotta Do, Just Gotta Show You

  1. I had diarrhea on New Year’s Eve. A kind of purging, maybe. Hey, you asked. Haha, have a fantastic 2010 A!

    One. Wow you spelled the word right! Two, if you wish to see it as purging that’s great but honestly I just hope you’re okay.

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