This City Is On Fire Tonight

[Good Life – OneRepublic]

Thanks to Katherine who showed me that song! I finally got around to making that video montage for Sorrento today.

It was quite amusing going through the photos that I took, as well as the other girls, and having memories be revived. It also astounds me that around this time last year I went to Sale. ONE YEAR ALREADY! Yet Jen and I still make the same jokes.

I was contemplating whether or not to post the video on here but I thought perhaps that wouldn’t be wise. So search it up on youtube, or even better it’s on Facebook, not that just anyone can see it.

Jenny (from now on whenever I mention a Jenny it’s Jenny Z, unless specified otherwise. Jen is still Jen, a different person. Note to self: make friends with different names) introduced me to/pushed me to actually go on Lamebook and I’m pretty much hooked reading the stupidity of other people. I’d reblogged on Tumblr quite a lot of the good ones I’ve found (my Tumblr link is on the side of the page “SmellsLikeAwesome”) but go check it out for yourselves. My personal favorite category are the TypOHs.

I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time at home from now because of my mom (personal family issues, nothing to be too concerned about), but I look forward to maybe going to the mass IKEA hide and seek on Saturday.

On another note: TV shows are back! Just today, I’ve caught up on the latest episodes of HIMYM, House and NCIS, with TBBT, FlashForward and Lie To Me soon to follow, I think. And update: no jobs yet. I’ll keep trying but I’m getting kind of annoyed and depressed.

Take care,


4 thoughts on “This City Is On Fire Tonight

  1. This is where I come in to spoil the fun and break the news that the IKEA event has been cancelled. Well more like the event has disappeared off the face of this earth… It’s been taken off of Facebook.

    WHAAAAT! Oh that’s BULLSHIT! It’s like the 24 hour KMart Nightclub all over again. Well that’s fucked up. I was looking forward to meeting Sneaks and reenacting the scene from 500 Days of Summer, too! Okay Jenny, if you’re reading this, I can probably come to the picnic.

  2. hey alex! sorry havent commented for a while, thanks for the bday wishes anyhow! đŸ˜‰
    well well, been busy lately.. going to china on sunday! (haha i remember when we were trying to bump into each other in like sept06 lol~)
    ~_~ haha hope you can get into a course you want.. dunno bout your parents tho.. i doubt their be happy with ur ENTER anytime soon, believe me =/
    but in any case, have a nice rest of your holidays and i’ll talk to you when we get back! =)

    You’re the only one who can say “doubt they’ll be happy with your ENTER any time soon” without me wanting to kill you. And yeah that was funny! “Oh wow I’m at Nanjing Rd that day FIND ME AND BUY ME STUFF!”. Have a safe trip, and BUY ME STUFF!

  3. It’s fun making videos

    I’m waiting until 1) I get skilled at something else to make a video about that and 2) I get a better video editing system. I swear. Windows Movie Maker = fail on a stick.

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