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“There are many components and ingredients that make up a delicious meal of Life. You need of course your main staples (health) meats (people close in your life), veggies (Mother Nature), a good cold drink (a will to keep living) and salt and pepper on the side to taste (people whose acquaintance come and go).

But apart from that everything else is variable. You can choose for a better or worse Life depending on what kind of meat and veggies you want, and how much salt and pepper to taste.

Some people are vegetarians, some people tend to expose themselves to fatty and unhealthy meat.

Some people choke their food with seasoning until they can’t even distinguish the taste of the meat and veggies it decorates.

Then, there are those who are more creative, more gifted in their enjoyment of Life.

Some are given a good entree, a solid happy childhood.

Some saved enough room for a satisfyingly sweet retirement.

Some choose to have a few differing courses in between, savoring the different flavors that different dishes offer:

A rich smoked career salmon, a warm and soft friendship mashed potatoes coupled with smooth vacation gravy.

Perhaps some chewy but rewarding family steak marinated in sour-sweet red wine sauce that screams with children’s laughter.

Some might even try a refreshing mixed salad, containing a fast car, a big TV and a spacious house in a beautiful view.

In the end, an enjoyable Life is as variable and as attainable as the enjoyer wants it to be.

But it must be enjoyed as soon as it is ready. The cold air of Loneliness will steal from Life its warmth, its aroma, its taste and its worth. Drinking only watery tears of Sadness, your appetite will be washed away, leaving a perfectly prepared Life going to waste.

So now, you sit at you table, your Life Menu in front of you. Take a good look, you can have anything you want. Look around, you can enjoy your Life with whomever you wish.

What would you like to order?”

– Alex ft. k