Clouds Are Shrouding Us In Moments Unforgettable

[Sunday Mornings – Maroon 5]

Yesterday Jenny came over to my house. Which was great except Dad didn’t leave any food lying around so I served her instant noodles. Now, we owe her a meal as a family.

We played three games of pool. Well technically two and a half. I lost the 1st game fair and square, I lost the 2nd game having potted the black on my first shot, and I gave up halfway through the third game. It is shameful how I lost to Jenny. JENNY! Of all people.

Then we started to watch a Detective Conan movie, but I kept on making fun of it so we stopped. Instead we went through all my movies and decided to watch The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which was really awesome because a) Jenny was there (she’s yelling at me on the phone right now to write that part) b) one of the characters was a vampire and c) they had so much ass kicking! Ace movie.

After the movie we had about 2 hours left until she had to go, so we went upstairs with nothing to do. She saw my Tom and Jerry DVD (that DVD has got me through some boring times) so we watched it. She is the first person I met who rejoiced when Jerry is hurt and whimpers when Tom is hurt.

Well, it was quite a fun day. I know this wouldn’t strike the interest of many readers, but this was written for my own benefit.