How To Find A Friend In A Crowd

This is quite a few days late.

On Thursday, last week, Josh, Anna and I were discussing how it would be bad if, on Saturday when they were planning to go clubbing, they lost Anna.

Before I write more, I should add that yes they did end up losing Anna. I wasn’t there, so I think perhaps I’ll make a new precedent, and let Josh guest blog what had happened. I got told already. It was hilarious and…just a notch freaky.

Anyway, so back on Thursday we were joking about how to find someone in a club. We came up with some pretty awesome suggestions:

1. Get glow-in-the-dark paint, and paint “I’m Here” on Anna’s shirt.

2. Get a glow-in-the-dark sign in the shape of an arrow. Fix it upon Anna’s shoulders, and let it point down.

3. Same as above, except use a neon sign. It can be powered by Anna’s craziness.

4. Put a key-location device on Anna. If in the event she was to be lost, just simply point the remote around the crowd and listen for the increase in beeps.

5. Same as above, except with a device that,when the remote is pressed, will play a loud fog-horn.

6. Train Anna to respond to dog whistles.

7. Train Anna to not chew through a leash.

8. Hook Anna onto a leash that has a large neon sign in the shape of an arrow attached, mounted onto her shoulders, powered by her craziness and/or distance away from the remote that, when pressed, will sound a foghorn that is built into the neon sign.

9. Just don’t let her drink.

None of the 9 above happened. So I’ll let Josh tell you what happened when he has time.