Bzzt, I’m Melting!

Argh, what a day this has been!

Today, for Cinema Studies, we watched “The Fly” (1986). It is one of the grossest movies I’ve watched, and I’ve seen rather gross movies.

On the other hand, I have to admit that for 1986, the special effects were not bad at all! The jaw fell off in a really realistic sort of way…

It was quite the experience to watch it in a theater of nearly 200 students. When the main female lead went to hug Seth, the main male, who at that point was pretty gross looking, half fly and everything, the entire theater screamed, “WHY WOULD YOU HUG HIM!?” especially since he’d just puked up enzymes over his donuts.

Unanimous groans and screams sounded when the baboon was turned inside out, when his fingernails fell off, and then when she dreamt of giving birth to a giant maggot, and of course when the hand and foot of the editor got burned to a stump by the enzymes.

Absolute chaos took over when his jaw started falling off, and then large slatherings of flesh peeled off, revealing a fly’s head underneath.

Finally, when the Brunderfly was at its end, and yet still crawling towards the terrified female (who, by the way, has a shotgun in her hand), her hesitation to shoot Brunderfly caused a guy at the back to shout out, “Oh my god, stupid bitch!”

What a gloriously gory movie that was! Eating lunch was a tentative effort afterwards.

Well, that’s it. Not much else really happened…oh except for a revelation that came hand in hand with a fair amount of disappointment…