The Irony Of IRL And Otherwise

In real life (IRL) I can’t juggle for crap. No, really, I’ve tried. I’m in the juggling club at Uni, but I (Jen and I…we) haven’t been going forever.

But here, online, I’m juggling a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, a 365 on Tumblr and now a FORMSPRING!

Yes, is it shameful that I, once again, linked each site AGAIN!?

The reason I got the Formspring (and there is a reason, because Tumblr already came with an ask function, and obviously you’re more than welcome to comment on my blog here, and Twitter is more of a you read what’s going on sort of thing) is so that you can comment on my Project365, because I was silly enough to set it up in such a way that it’s hard for you to comment on it unless you have Tumblr and follow my 365. So now, when you ask me a question on Formspring, you can either just ask me a question normally (and ignore the fact that Tumblr has an actual ask component, as stated before) and I will answer it and it will appear on Tumblr only, OR you can comment on my Project 365 and I will answer it, and I MIGHT post it on both Facebook and Tumblr (the parent Tumblr) but most likely only Tumblr. Because of this, I might remove the Anonymous function on my Tumblr Ask, but not likely.

Oh man, my head hurts from all of this.

Actually, writing, this I realize that I could’ve easily just had people comment on my 365 just on my Tumblr Ask, but but but but noooooooooooo. Formspring can be connected to Facebook separately. Tumblr would have to connect to Facebook for everything, and I spam people way too much with my Twitter connected to Facebook.

Which brings me to the point: I realize that, despite the links and advertisements, my WordPress is the least connected page of all the others. I mean, yes, these posts appear on my Facebook page, but that’s it. Whereas my Tweets appear both here and Facebook, my Tumblr will now be connected to my Formspring and sometimes Facebook, my…AHHH I THINK MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLO-

Let’s see how this goes. If this gets too difficult, I might abandon my Formspring, and have people comment on my 365 through Tumblr Ask.

And to think Dani told me to get a Flickr.

That’s Dani’s Project 365. I’m about to link that permanently to my page.

Seriously I think my head is going to explode. It’s good I picked today to do this, because I have an actual day off today (as opposed to last week, when my extremely many days off are packed with work).

AHH for the last time, I will wipe my brains off my couch.


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