Put The Brakes On!

When I missed my bus this morning, causing me to miss my 10:26 train, I didn’t think much of it except “oh no, I’m going to be late meeting Angie”.

However, that was the least of my worries!

If you missed it on the news today, this is what happened:

Toddler Hit By Train

I was on that train! I was sitting in the 3rd carriage, and felt absolutely nothing – the breaking wasn’t even that hard (so yes, the train really was traveling incredibly slow at that point). We noticed something was odd when a girl tried to get off, but the doors weren’t opened (you can see from the footage it was because the driver got out immediately).

There was a long pause.

Then the announcement came that the train will be delayed for about 10 – 15 minutes while the ambulance arrives.

Some people got out, and we all waited.

A fire truck came, and it was then that I thought, “maybe it wasn’t just someone fainting on the train

Then the ambos, and even the police came, sirens shrieking away.

I was playing Bejeweled when the announcement came again that the train would be suspended, and we should all find our way to the city, or wait for a replacement bus.

So I walked out of Tooronga station, and I saw the stretcher being pushed into the ambulance. I saw the TV cameras, and I knew that it was actually extremely serious. The grandma was standing by the ambo, pretty much in shock.

I didn’t realize, though, that a kid had fallen onto the tracks until much later when I googled what happened to see if it was on the news yet. I thought someone had just been injured a bit. Seriously, though, despite how slow we were going, it was AMAZING that the child only got away with some minor injuries. Nothing broken, even.

If you didn’t read the link to the story, then it basically says that station platforms have a small slope towards the tracks for drainage reasons. I never really noticed the slope except on those REALLY small slim platforms like North Richmond, but I agree that maybe it should slope AWAY from oncoming trains for drainage reasons. The newer platforms do do that, but a lot of platforms were built before the law came through for it to slope the other way, so that’s why we have this, and the thing that happened last October at Ashburton. The one at Ashburton looked so much scarier though.

So, if any mothers for some reason read this: Just put your baby pram’s brakes on. Even if you’re letting go for a moment to grab something from your handbag, just put the brakes on. Letting go for a moment could lead to having to let go forever. The small moment you save from having to go put the brake on will not justify your lifetime of pain, having lost your child.

Everything else that happened today will be mentioned on my 365.


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