Tell Me Baby, Why-ai-ai-ai

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There is a widget on the side of my blog where it shows my archives (named Previously, on De Fluffe /EDIT sorry I mean “On This Day In History”), and I can see at a glance that my frequency in blogging is dramatically decreasing.

At least, my frequency is noticeable here on the WordPress; I’ve actually been blogging non-stop on my 365 for, what, nearly 50 days now.

I remember that I used to have long ambiguous rambles on here, and, despite their ambiguity, it more or less carved a semi-followable path through my life, and my thoughts. I obviously don’t do that anymore, and I wonder why? I was never worried before about what other people think of what I write, and what thoughts I have, so why did being an ARTS student at UNI stop me? If anything, it should have liberated me to be MUCH more verbal and, dare I say, ruthless.

Alright, so maybe I SHOULD catch up on my thoughts since the last time I recall being deep.

I’m annoyed to admit this, but I fell under the age-old tunnel-vision trap that I’d always thought was bullshit: I realized, having left it, that highschool really isn’t the most important part of life, and the things that happen in it really isn’t that tragic – and leaving it really isn’t that fucking hard.

Maybe I’ve had it easier, because my transition to Uni was smooth, and I don’t have avalanches of homework and studying, but I don’t miss highschool at all. The friends, who I thought were the only ones I could possibly ever have the luck to have, stopped contacting me, and after that shock wore off, I found myself not even thinking about it anymore. When I see highschool friends at Uni, sure there is that “yeah we went to school together” thing going on, but that almost seems like a process we go through, for the sake of it.

Now, I have quite a few great friends who, I’d dare to tangibly put down, seem to be quite a stroke of luck. I have grown cynical enough to think that this will probably go away at some point, and I’ll look back on this with the same “oops there goes that” that I already am with some of my older posts.

It’s even more temporary in Uni. Semesterly, we shift around in tute groups. I made a few semi-good friends in my tutes, and having left the Uni today, I realize that I might not see them again, not for more than 10 minutes. It’s like graduating highschool each semester.

So why do I even bother making friends in my tutes? Because it makes the time pass easier, sure, but then what happens to the awkwardness of having a friend who, with the friendship in such infancy, you don’t talk to anymore?

And then there’s the people I met coincidentally sharing same breaks. What about them, once the timetabling changes?

And what about the friend who you’re immensely close to because you take the same train all the time together? What happens when she decides to move to the city? (That’s pretty much just Jackie.)

Half a year ago, I would have said “it will be a test of our friendship to see if we can still be friends then”, but now I actually mend that to “it will be a test to see how much we actually secretly and truly dislike each other, and if that outweighs how much we truly enjoy being with the other or not”. It’s depressing and cynical, but hey, I’m an ARTS student.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my friends very much – friends are to me what family is like to most people. I actually am not comfortable with what will be constant tearing and shifting.

There, I’m sure this was enough gut-spillage for a while.


P.S., this post from Katherine’s blog made me laugh.

5 thoughts on “Tell Me Baby, Why-ai-ai-ai

  1. People come in and out of our lives for a reason.

    True friends are the ones who keep in contact with you, regardless of convenience 🙂

    Puts things into perspective doesn’t it? Still, how do you tell at the time what they’ll be like in the future?

  2. I second that. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to have friends that will stay forever. You know, the kind that make it to your adult life – the ones you invite over for dinner, go on road trips with, etc. Still, I can’t wait to finish high school.

    Yeah when highschool ends and you go into Uni, things change in your attitude. I think the whole “friend” forever thing is ALMOST like finding “the one” – fucking improbably.

  3. that was some insightful writing 🙂

    actually, i feel exactly the same way. It’s hard to find that niche in life where you fit in and it’s nigh impossible to find that one person with whom friendship is natural and true.

    Even with uni so transitory I’ve heard several testimonies to the fact that the best friends you make are the ones in uni..I guess it’s because it’s the time in your life where you are kinda sure about who you are and are coming into contact with lots of people throughout the year..if there’s any place to find your “the one” friend, it would be then, right?

    It’s hard to say goodbye to the almost-friends you make in one semester but I guess even though they’re in your life for so short a least they were in it. Every person you meet will help you in a small way even though you may not know it.

    My motto is live, love and learn –> live life to the fullest, love every moment (even the bad ones have good things in them somewhere) and learn from the past.

    You still read this?? And yeah, I do agree that Uni is a better place to find likeminded people.

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