Though We Have Not Hit The Ground

[Nothing Lasts Forever – Maroon 5]

I’m following the FIFA World Cup this year. And many people, including my own mother, have asked me a few times: “I didn’t know you watch football/soccer”.

I usually don’t. I only played soccer for a little bit back in Gr 6. But I thought that, this year seeing as during this period of time I have nothing else going on, I might as well go watch! So I got the schedule all ready and I even got the scarf and everything!

Am I doing this to ‘fit in’ with everyone? No, not really. Am I doing this just so I can Tweet about it and make it look like I’m in touch? No, if I did that, I’d have been tweeting about BP for weeks now. Am I going overboard? Maybe. But is it really wrong to enjoy myself enthusiastically?

Which team do I go for? Well, since China didn’t qualify, I suppose I say GO THE SOCCEROOS! I don’t really care who wins, but I do like watching it while discussing with someone. As I did last night with Mandy for the opening match between RSA and MEX.

Well, I guess all there’s left to say is “let’s go play some football!”