This Freak I Became

[Dear Angel – April Sixth]

Man it was cold today! I was out hanging up the laundry in our front balcony (we’re the Asian equivalent of white-trash; undies hanging in the front balcony. Cool.) and suddenly a gust of wind blows.

Even though I was standing in the full sun, I was painfully aware of how useless it was the wind bit THROUGH my 3 layers of warm clothing. I couldn’t keep my hands in my pockets, but instead had to keep handling cold damp clothes.

I think there’s something odd going on with my mom’s body, though, because she was only wearing 2 layers, one of them light, and she was outside for ages in the wind and she said she felt warm. Though she was moving around a lot, that’s still not right.

By the way, I just realized that the laundry I’d hung had all fallen over. Damn.

We just roasted some meat with cumin. This is…I smell…fra..grant.

Jackie’s birthday tomorrow!