Love Her When She Smiles

[Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) – Nine Days]

Day 1 – Your Best Friend

Dear Jackie,

I think the fact that I am writing this to you is indicative of a lot of things I want to say. A lot of people are surprised that we only really got to know each other better at the start of this year, because it seems like we’ve been close for a long time. That makes me happy when I hear it, because it means we’re getting along splendidly and so easily and fast.

I know that I always call you a loser, and saying you’re lazy and that you never eat enough, and even though they’re all true, I don’t really care about any of it, because I love you!

I hope that I can protect you and make you stay happy! I know you do the same for me already, and I don’t want to feel like I’m just taking and taking from you.

Please don’t take it as a bad thing that this ‘letter’ to you is so short, nor is it a bad thing that we’ve not been friends for long; but I am hopeful to say that our friendship will keep sailing, and I can write a much longer letter in a year, two years, three years etc….



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