Hold You Through Forever

[Skyway Avenue – We The Kings]

Day 8 – Your Favorite Internet Friend

Dear Sneaks,

I know we’ve actually met (once) in real life, but I think it would be so unfair if I didn’t say you’re my favorite online friend. It was because of this blog that I met you, and man I was so lucky you commented. You’re, in the nicest way possible, a complete nerd. You find the nerdiest and geekiest things awesome. The great part is, nerdy is the new sexy, and hellsyeah you’re one sexy chick! The stuff you like, whenever I bother to actually go check it out myself, is always really awesome and out there – which is so refreshing compared to the crap we are now exposed to.

You’re also incredibly supportive. You always have some encourage for me, and never fail to give me constructive criticism when I need it.

I honestly don’t have any worries about you and your exams, and your future. You’re too conscientious a person to ever screw up your work. But what I do worry about is that your shyness will get in the way of people getting to see your awesomeness, because they assume you’re just another quiet geeky Asian. You’re not (well you are, but that’s not all).

Take care of yourself!


Wheels Go Round And Round

[Faithfully – Glee Cast Cover, original by Journey]

Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

Ah, isn’t this a bit of a repeat? I don’t really have an official ex. I do have an ex unrequited love/deep like sort of thing, but there is one in the future days about the one who broke my heart the most…so.

Aw shucks, what do I do?

Dear Me,

Look, it’s been a while. I don’t think either of us/me handled ourselves/myself respectably with the whole…ordeal and break up (hell, you/I cheated on me/you/us, bitch) and I think I can speak for all of me and you/me, when I say that the scars will always be there.

I mean, why deny it? We/I/you had something special, you/I agree with me/us/you, right? But all good things must come to an end, and whatnot, and so our/my/your relationship came to a crashing halt.

I/you will always take the lessons that I/you/we/they have learned in the relationship. And we/you/I should just move on.

You will always/sometimes/I have always been/in some ways we/they/I can be someone special in my/your/our/the individual of/their life.


P.S. Well I got lost, did you?