We Are The Monsters

[Monsters – Matchbook Romance]

Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear Catherine,

I miss the huge ass phone bills we used to rack up calling each other, and just not talking about anything. I miss the fact that I used to make you skip a class so that you can talk to me and hang out with me. I miss the fact that I ended up revising my English exam with you over the phone trying to explain to you what the book is about.

I loved it when we were just sitting at the picnic tables listening to my iPod, and I miss that pleasant shock when you started singing along to one of my favorite songs without me realizing you knew it.

Most of all, I freaking miss you. I hate how we barely talk anymore! And since you want to go to Monash…I suppose I have to make a bigger effort to talk to you even though I hate to be the reason you don’t get good marks.

Anyway, I love and miss you, and I hope you still read this!