You Need Him, I Could Be Him

[Grand Theft Auto (Where Is Your Boy) – Fall Out Boy]

Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to

There isn’t actually a deceased person that I wish I can talk to. I wasn’t that close with my grandma – she died when I was 8 and I lived more with my other grandma – and I didn’t love a deceased celebrity enough to really say anything. So…

Dear Dobby,

Of all the people who died in Harry Potter 7, I remembered your death the most because it was the most heartbreaking. You were consistent throughout the series, and not in a single action did you betray any loyalty towards Harry – even if the Malfoys were bastards.

As much as I loved Fred-and-George, I wished you didn’t die. It would just been a little less bitter and a little more sweet at the end if you’d survived.

Well, I’ll be revisiting your death again soon (I’m borrowing the 7th book again) and you will be assured, dear Dobby, that I will tear up at your death again. And don’t get me started on the movie.